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5 Quick Things to Know

Getting Started and Our Process

Getting started is easy! Simply apply now, and our team of recruiters will review your qualifications and experience. If your skills and background match with the needs of our clients and the types of positions we place, a recruiter will reach out to schedule an interview.

Time Sheets

Demand Staff time sheets are turned in weekly and available in our office. Some of our clients opt to have you use their time cards or time clock and that’s accepted too. If you need any help or have any questions please contact Tonya at

Health Insurance

We understand the importance of health insurance and want to be a resource in helping you secure coverage. You and your family may be able to obtain health coverage through the Marketplace, with a new kind of tax credit that lowers your monthly premiums and with assistance for out-of-pocket costs. Demand Staff is unable to provide cost sharing for Marketplace coverage.

Get Covered America is a non-profit organization dedicated to maximizing the number of uninsured Americans who enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act. If you are currently uninsured, please visit the website at, where you can request more information and use the calculator to find out if you qualify for financial assistance in the Marketplace. You can also find enrollment events in your area where you can receive help enrolling from a certified enrollment counselor.

Referral Bonus

Looking for some extra cash? You can get $50 if you refer a friend to us and they work 80 hours!

Government Forms

When placed on an assignment we require two forms of identification.  To save time in our office, feel free to print and complete these prior to onboarding with us.

Download Fed W4

Download Fed I-9 

Resume Writing

The perfect resume is crucial to the success of your job search. Utilize these sites for effective resume writing tips:

Pocket Resume (phone app)

Resume Tips and Advice


Confidence and preparation are key! Take advantage of the advice these sites have to offer before the big day:

Successful Job Interviews

What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview

3 Pre-Interview Confidence Boosters


Frequently Asked Questions from Associates

Do you charge a fee for using our associate services?

No, there is no fee for our employees.

How do I get paid?

You are responsible for submitting a properly completed timesheet to Demand Staff by Monday at 5:00pm.  You can fax timesheets to 325-641-2503 or text to 325-998-2135.

When will I get paid?

Payday is the Friday following each week worked. Electronic paychecks are issued via direct deposit to your bank account or loaded on to a Global Cash Card.  We do not issue paper paychecks.

What if I don’t receive my paycheck?

Contact Demand Staff immediately to clear up any payroll questions.

Can I work more than one assignment a week?

Yes, you can as long as you do not work over 40 hours. Just submit a separate time sheet for each assignment worked.

I want to take a day off, I have to miss work, or I am going to be late. Who do I contact?

Contact Demand Staff should any issues arise during your assignment and we will seek approval from your supervisor. You will also need to let your supervisor know. You will not be paid for approved time off.

What do I do if my assignment ends?

Visit our office to see what other assignments we have available. We will try to get you on another assignment as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

What is your screening process?

There are several steps to our interview process. First, we conduct an in-person or telephone interview with all of our prospective candidates. If we feel they are a good fit for our agency, our recruiters will then check references and qualified associates will be required to complete a mathematical skills test.  If candidates are qualified and interested in a job assignment, we forward their application to clients for their review.

Do you provide background or drug tests for your candidates?

Every candidate is asked to complete these tests at the client’s request.  Background checks are subject to data available at the time of job placement and are not guaranteed for accuracy.

I have a question about my invoice. Who do I talk to?

Tonya is happy to assist with all invoice issues. You can call her at 325-641-8583 or email

If I use your services am I able to work with other staffing agencies?

Yes, we have a non-exclusive agreement.

How does the process start?

You can get the process started by contacting Tonya or Katy at 325-641-8583. Our recruiters are also happy to help and look forward to hearing from you. 

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