Job Recruiters in Brownwood, TX

Our Motto

We would rather not fill a job opening than fill it with the wrong person.

We understand the amount of time and expense it takes to hire an individual and strive to meet your goals on the first try. Take advantage of hiring without the hassle.


Screening and hiring applicants is both time-consuming and challenging due to the extensive paperwork and interviewing that must occur. Let Demand Staff, Inc. help. We are ready to step in as job recruiters to assist with the hiring process.


Pre-Screened Applicants


Every applicant is thoroughly pre-screened to eliminate those who do not match the qualifications or required skill sets of the position. With careful pre-screening, job recruiters will match skills, verify past employment, check on criminal histories, and perform drug screens.

Full Process

Many business owners are so overwhelmed by the prospect of hiring workers that they would rather not fill a vacant position to avoid hiring the wrong person. After job recruiters carry out their work and find an employee, you have the freedom to keep the employee for whatever term fits your needs. This could be just long enough to cover a planned absence or perform a short project, or the worker could become a full-time employee.


Complete Paperwork

The full process of job recruiting not only includes pre-screening, but it also includes the full management of all other aspects of employment. These processes include paperwork, such as calculating payroll taxes and managing any unemployment or workers’ compensation claims. Turning this work over to us allows you to focus on other tasks involved with running your business.

We strive to learn about your goals and needs so we can find perfect employee matches to fill vacant positions. From part-time to full-time personnel, we specialize in finding flexible employees who will fit into your workforce and provide the services you need.


Reviews From Our Customers

Todd Burns, KegConnections, Owner, Comanche, TX

“We have found some very good people, and really happy with the service.”

Tom Monson, Landmark Life Insurance, CEO- Brownwood, TX

“We don’t have to advertise or look through a thousand resumes.”