10 Ways to Stand out in a Job Interview

  • 10 Ways to Stand out in a Job Interview

iStock_000008944164XSmallCareerBuilder recently surveyed 2.076 hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide to see what their most memorable methods candidates have used to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you do all of these but I do think it makes a point that when interviewing for a job, do you best to stand-out & follow up!

Here a 10 techniques that worked:

1. Candidate contracted a billboard outside the employer’s office.

2. Candidate gave a resume on a chocolate bar.

3. Candidate showed up in a suit with a red t-shirt underneath a white shirt.  The red t-shirt had the  message, “Hire me. I work hard.”

4. Candidate asked to be interviewed in Spanish to showcase his skills.

5. Candidate crafted the cover letter like an invitations to hire her rather than a request (similar to a wedding invitation).

6. Candidate climbed on a roof the employer was repairing and asked for a  job.

7. Candidate performed a musical number on the guitar about why he was the best candidate.

8. Candidate volunteered to help out with making copies when he saw interview’s assistant was getting frazzled.

9. Candidate repaired a piece of company’s equipment during the first interview.

10. Candidate sent a message in a bottle.

“Employers typically aren’t looking for the most outrageous candidate, they’re looking for the best fit” said Rosemary Haefner, VP of HR at CareerBuilder.  Try to put yourself in the interviewers position and see what you can do to showcase your skills and abilities.

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