Refine your Resume


The first step to a successful job search is creating a well-written resume. It’s important to select a format that aligns with your career goals. If you’re a traditional job seeker and intend to remain in the same career field, a chronological resume is the best option. However, if you’re trying to break into a new field, you may consider using a functional resume. The functional format allows you to demonstrate your proficiency by focusing on specific skill sets instead of relying solely on your work history and previous positions.

Include keywords that will pique the interest of hiring managers and recruiters. Find and reiterate words that are included in job listings that refer to specific skills or functions sought by the employer. Most companies use applicant tracking software to initially review resumes and online applications by searching for assigned keywords. Integrating keywords will improve your qualification ranking and possibly get you one step closer to an interview.

Lastly, make sure you use spellcheck and proofread. Nothing hurts your credibility more than stating you have strong attention to detail followed by typos or factual errors in your resume.

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